Top Beauty Apps You Should Download

Need to find a hair salon in your area? There’s an app for that. Can’t seem to organize your beauty products? There’s an app for that. Want to find out what’s really in the cosmetics you’re using? There’s an app for that too! If you’re a tech savvy beauty guru here are some amazing app essentials to add to your everyday life.

Sephora to Go


Sephora is one of the top leading perfume and cosmetic retail stores in the country, now you can take the store on the go. Check out your favorite beauty products instantly on your phone or if it’s in stock at your local Sephora. You can also scan products to check out reviews and ratings. Craving new makeup inspirations? The Sephora to go app has Sephora TV including tips and tutorials, makeup looks on The Beauty Board where you can even shop the look, and articles on Sephora Glossy.

Stash Beauty


Keeping track of all your beauty and skin care products can be a hassle. With the Stash app, you become more organized than ever before. Once you scan your favorite MAC lipstick on the app, it is instantly organized in the database. Within time, Stash calculates when your Maybelline eyeliner or L’oreal eyeshadow is running out and alerts you when the product is on sale. You can buy the product right then and there on the app! The shopping experience is much easier than in-store as well. Stash uses top beauty influencers, beauty blogs, and magazines to help recommend you the best products.



If you’re searching for a hairstylist, barber, nail artist or a massage therapists in your area, StyleSeat is the app for you. With StyleSeat you can look up local beauty professionals and book an appointment on your phone. The app also includes recommendations, finding the best deals, and reviews. You can discover style trends by browsing photos and looks by professionals to help inspire you’re next look. This app is also great for beauty professionals as well by managing your client list and using marketing tools to build business recognition.

Think Dirty


When buying beauty products we sometimes don’t even consider to know the ingredients. With the Think Dirty app you’re able to know what potential harsh chemicals are in the products you’re using. Just scan the barcode and the app gives you an easy overview of the ingredients including a dirty meter that tells you the health impact. If the product hits the dirty meter it recommends healthier alternatives to other products. You can also scan a product into the database that is missing and they will notify you once the results are in. Think Dirty allows you to save products and buy them straight from Amazon.

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