The “IT” Bags You Should Be Wearing This Spring

As the seasons change, so does the handbag you carry. Last year during spring/summer 2015 fashion week, designers debuted the “it” bags you should be wearing. Now that spring is vastly approaching check the handbag trends you should be on the look out for!

Taking it to the Micro

micro bags

There’s nothing wrong with carrying that cute tote around from time to time, but we’ve all experienced those moments where we are constantly looking for our keys, wallet, lipstick, phone, etc. Take a risk and try downsizing a bit, well actually a lot! With a micro bag just grab what you need and you’re out the door!

It’s Handled


A cute dress and a clutch is all you need for your perfect night out. Now they just became more handy! Feel more secure carrying your clutch with these new stylish strap designs. Whether you’re out for brunch with your girlfriends or hitting the night on the town you’ll never forget it’s there.

Embellishments and Bold Prints


Want to add a statement piece to your outfit? Embellished and bold print handbags are sure to do the job!



Don’t worry, luxury style handbags are still in style and not very hard to find. Exotic style handbags are perfect to keep your outfit classy and sophisticated.

Dare to be Different


Tired of the same old duffle bag and tote? Don’t be afraid to pick up a handbag that as a little more character.

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