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Hi love bugs! It is Monday which means it’s a brand new start to what will be an amazing week! As many of you know I had the opportunity to cover Latino Fashion week from Wednesday to Thursday in Chicago, IL, and I must say that it was all it was cracked up to be. I was particularly impressed with three designers whose creations graced the catwalk on Saturday night.


The first designers were a mother and son duo, Olga Alicea and Hector Musse who go by the design name of “Atelier MUSSE”.  I wish I had taken video of the the stunning junior models that WERKED the runway on Saturday night! I mean honestly, these girls (ranging from ages 7-13) had walks that were fiercer than many grown women that I know! Not only were these young models absolutely gorgeous, the flowing and colorful designs of Musse looked as if they were individually sculpted for each little girls physique. I am not yet a mother, but when I do have my little girl one of these days, she will rock Musse!

IMG_0186 (2)


The next designer was Rosita Hurtado. I was recently was married to my college sweetheart and wore a gorgeous gown, but if I had to do it all over again, my entire wedding party would have been in Rosita Hurtado designs. This men and womens wear designer absolutely took my breath away in her structured suits, form fitting dresses, and modern gowns.

IMG_0196 (2)

IMG_0204 (2)

IMG_0221 (2)

IMG_0233 (2)

IMG_0242 (2)

IMG_0245 (2)

IMG_0261 (2)

IMG_0264 (2)

IMG_0278 (2)

The last designer that I will be highlighting is Paco Mayorga. In his runway show he showcased bright colors with an ethnic feel. Mayorga has dressed famous Latina actresses such as Mayte Perroni from the soap opera Mi Pecado. He is also a mens and womens wear designer.

IMG_0284 (2)

IMG_0295 (2)


IMG_0316 (2)

IMG_0322 (2)

IMG_0346 (2)

IMG_0355 (2)

Overall the entire event was a success. With this being my first fashion show I must admit that I was definitely nervous, but I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Everything from the decadent VIP lounge, to the swag bags filled with goodies from L’Occitane, Steve Madden, and Swarovski, to meeting talented designers made this an unforgettable weekend. Be sure to stay tuned for collaborations with talented bloggers, as well as clothing and shoe designers. Until next year Latino Fashion Week!











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