Pucker Up: Keep your lips nice and smooth with lip scrubs

Exfoliating the body is a great way to remove dead skin cells to have nice and rejuvenating looking skin. One of the most popular exfoliating beauty regimens is done when we are taking a shower or washing our face in the morning and before bed. If you didn’t know our lips need the same attention. Don’t you get tired of chapped lips and pulling out your chap-stick every 30 minutes…especially in the winter!

Reapplying chap-stick does not help fully remove the dryness from your lips because you are not getting rid of the dead skin. Exfoliating the lips once a week is a great way to retain the moisture and softness you need for your lips. No need to spend hundreds on professional lip scrubs, Lush is a beauty company that makes fresh handmade cosmetics and they have a bundle of delicious lip scrubs to choose from for just 9.25! If you want to see how a lip scrub works for the first time you can also try e.l.f’s lip scrub for only $3.

lip scrub



If you’re a DIY lover you can also make a lip scrub yourself! Check out DIY lip scrubs here.


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