NYFW: Korto Momolu

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it was season 5 of project runway. i would clear my schedule religiously so that every Thursday night  my yorkie and i could watch my favorite designer completely annihilate every fashion challenge. i loved her cool demeanor, and use of color. i remember biting my nails in anxious anticipation as she made it to the NYFW show… and nearly cried when she was announced the first runner up and not the winner, but i knew it wasn’t the last time i would see this womans work. never in a million years did i think that i would have the opportunity to see the designs in person of the multi-talented, winner of season 3 project runway allstars, korto momolu. september 13, 2015 was the day that dreams are made of, as i sat alongside my bestfriend in the second row, of Korto Momolu’s New York Fashion Week show. the room was packed, their was media everywhere, but i felt like the only girl in the room at one of the most amazing opportunities of my life.


Korto Momolu’s SS’16 collection was filled with vibrant hues, intricate stitching, meticulously mastered necklines, and masterfully used mesh inserts. the usage of colors, fabrics, and prints can only be described as that of a designer genius. pictures cannot due this masterful creation justice, but try if you can, to fully see the attention to detail that is so diligently put into each piece. at the end of the show, Korto came out in a P.H.U.C.K.C.A.N.C.E.R. shirt, which was in honor of her family members that had fallen ill with the disease. this was her way of respectfully paying homage to them. Korto Momolu, queen of prints and patterns, nailed it again.

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