New York Fashion Week: Charles Miller Brand Denim

Charles Miller Brand Denim

As a woman fashion blogger, I often times have tunnel vision when it comes to blogging about women’s fashion, but fella’s this one’s for you. Whether you’re a “Traveller” , “Visionary”, or “Professional”, Charles Miller has created a versatile denim for you with  his fall/winter 2015 collection. The “Traveller” denim creates comfort with a slim, straight fit design that makes fashion mobile. The “Visionary” denim is a classic straight fit design. The “Professional” denim is a classic skinny fit style. Each jean is created to provide versatility  by folding the cuff of the jeans in anyway you want. You can add a classic fold, double fold, or a high capri fold. The Charles Miller Brand Denim is not just your regular jean; it creates versatility, comfort, and style.

This line is scheduled to launch in March of 2015. To stay abreast of news and information visit Charles at or

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