My Tulle Obsession


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tulle skirt | tulle | alexandra grecco | black and white

Top: Asos | Skirt: Alexandra Grecco | Shoes: Steve Madden

I’m not sure when it happened, I’m not really sure how it happened, all I know is that it happened, and I hope my intoxicating love for this fabric will never fade… my name is Demia Doggette, and I am a tulle skirt addict! At this point I’m not even sure how many tulle skirts I own, I just know that they grace my closet with their clever angelic flow, and I smile every time I wear one of these beauties. I know a lot of people are a bit intimidated by this fabric and swore it off after the age of 5, but ladies, rest assured, tulle is a classic fabric that is not going anywhere!

You can dress tulle down by wearing it with a graphic tee, you can dress it up for a date  by pairing it with a sweater, or you can pair it with a cute lace or satin shirt for a dressy occasion. This versatile fabric can be worn to all types of events including weddings, girls night out, or even to a play.

I have tulle skirts from a few different places including Anthropologie and Alexandra Grecco, but there is a new online retailer that I am absolutely in love with by the name of Blisstulle. They specialize in tulle skirts in various lengths and colors and they have great prices.

For those of you who don’t own one yet… what are you waiting for? Order you tulle skirt soon so you can be the bell of the ball at your next event!


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