My Little Piece of Heaven on Earth


Shopping. A form of a cardio, stress reliever, anti-depressant, heartbreak eradicator, boredom reliever, and the answer to world peace. Okay, okay, so maybe I was a bit dramatic with the last definition but one thing is for sure, shopping is something that I love to do. I have perused down  The Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, France, strutted down the cobblestone streets of the Duomo square in Milan, Italy, and walked through the bustling crowds of Madrid, Spain, but there is just nothing like the small boutiques and city vibe of SoHo New York. I know what your saying, “what?!? You enjoy shopping in NY more than Europe, and my honest answer to that is a resounding YES! The hustle and bustle, the crowds, the one of a kind designs, the the hole in the wall stores, the trendy pedestrians, the overly anxious drivers, the stark accents, they all make for a little piece of fashion heaven for me!


On my recent trip to New York for Fashion week I told my girls that no matter if the weather was 17 degrees with a windchill of -10, we still had to take the subway to SoHo. Despite getting lost and near frost bight to my fingers, our arrival to this lower Manhattan neighborhood brought instant joy to my already overly pleased body. The first store we stepped into was called Nu New York. It has the detailing of a shabby chic boutique with stylings intended for the fashion hungry it girl! As I walked through the store I anxiously picked up one of everything! The colors, fabrics, and most importantly the price were all on point. I ended up purchasing a few… okay, okay, A LOT of pieces that will certainly be featured here very soon! If you are ever able to make it out to SoHo be sure to visit Nu New York for a fabulous shopping experience all around. Oh and be sure to ask for Rhonelle, she is the amazing manager that helped me find so many great pieces!


Before I end this piece I would be reminisced if I didn’t give a very special thank you to Estelle Michaelides of the Estelle Store,  a Melbourne, Australia based boutique that sent me this gorgeous Micky in the Van Voice of Hope skirt. This beauty was hand crafted of a gorgeous jacquard print and has the the added bonus of hidden pockets. Estelle is a splendid artisan that has mastered the craft of creating quality pieces that show the beauty of womanhood without putting everything out on display. The first time I saw this skirt on Instagram I fell in love with it, and my love affair deepens every time I wear it. If your located in Melbourne, Australia you can visit Estelle’s store at 244 Upper Heidelberg Rd,Ivanhoe 3079, if your not in the area you can visit her website at or contact her directly at for purchasing information. Estelle’s skirt was such a hit at New York Fashion week that I was invited up on the catwalk to take pictures by professional photographers!

IMG_9368 IMG_9369


Jacket: Topshop, similar here | Top: Asos | Necklace: Forever 21 | Skirt: Micky in the Van

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