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La Carmina is a prominent fashion and travel blogger, author, and TV host for networks like Discovery, National Geographic and Travel Channel. She and her film team shoot travel episodes about subcultures worldwide, from Korean robot bars to Croatian techno parties. 

Name: La Carmina


Instagram: @lacarmina


La_Carmina_Tokyo_pop_culture_weird_japan (5) 
Hello La Carmina, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself? I started my La Carmina blog in September 2007, with a focus on Gothic and cute style in Japan. Fashion blogging took off soon after, and I made this my full time job. Over the years, I had the incredible opportunities to write books, do travel journalism, and host TV shows worldwide. My focus has broadened significantly, and I’m now most passionate about travel stories that have to do with alternative beauty and culture. I love to put a spotlight on innovators like eco-conscious designers in Israel, and a handbag studio in Cape Town that employs women from townships.
What items do you tend to splurge on? I invest in high-quality shoes that are a perfect fit and last for years. I recently bought a leopard-print pair that I can walk around in for hours — a must for frequent travelers like myself.
How would you describe your personal style? My outfits tend to have a Gothic or subculture influence, and take inspiration from Japanese street style. However, I mix it up a lot. I might do a hippie look, followed by something colorful and cute, and then wear a 1940s style pin up dress.
Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together? I’m not a fan of set rules, but the fit, quality and silhouette are always things to keep in mind. I also like to match my outfits to occasions and destinations, such as wearing flowers in my hair and tropical print silk dresses in Hawaii.
Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts? Since I currently travel so much for my work, I blog about the places I go, and the offbeat, unexpected culture that I experience. In 2014, my travel film team and I flew to Jordan, Israel, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, NYC, Cape Town, Cebu, Taiwan, Shanghai, San Francisco… and we have more ground to cover before the end of the year. Wherever I am, I find inspiration in the local designers, architecture, youth culture, nightlife.
 Is there a person that is a fashion inspiration to you? I’m more inspired by past decades: like the Victorian era, Art Nouveau, the 1960s, and all things disco.
Tell us your top 5 fashion must haves for the upcoming season. I’d recommend a rocker-style leather jacket with a hood, a big colorful oversize coat, a high quality faux fur scarf (like you might see on a 1930s starlet), lace up ankle boots, tights with a subtle pattern or 3/4 length opacity to give the illusion of thigh highs.


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