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Name: KT Reed

URL: www.ktrstyle.com

Instagram: @officialktr



KT Reed What advice would you give someone that is looking to get into the Fashion industry? In my opinion if you are interested in the fashion industry the first step is to educate yourself about fashion. Fashion isn’t just the clothes we wear or what’s “in style” this season, but there’s a lot of history to certain styles that are around today. I think fashion school can be very beneficial and you can at least learn the basics such as who’s who in the fashion world, what are the fashion categories, when designs are sold (seasons), how to design garments, knowledge of textiles, sketching by hand, how to identify trends and the list goes on. However, some fashion schools can become expensive so if you were on a budget, I would start by checking out what classes are offered at a community college or look into workshops and seminars.

What has been your greatest success and hardship for both your blog and KTR Collection?My biggest hardship is balancing my full time at a law firm, my personal life, managing KTR Collection in every aspect of the business and finding a few hours somewhere in between to sleep and being able to function when I am awake…But you know, there’s something about loving what you do that gives you a ton of energy. I’d normally crash on the weekends and come back to life on Monday.

My biggest success is definitely hearing the amazingly sweet and kind feedback from my customers. Sometimes I am so overwhelm and exhausted from the day, but reading emails complementing our project and seeing photos of happy customers in something I created makes all the sleepless nights worth every minute of it!


If you were going on a trip and could only carry 3 items of clothing with you, which items would they be and why? Well, I am an over-packer so this is a very challenging question, but if I really have to narrow it down to three, my top picks would be
1) a comfortable lightweight sweater because I’m always cold,
2) a maxi as it can work for both day or night and
3) swimsuit (duh) :)

It seems as though more and more designers are making clothing that leaves very little to the imagination, what made you start to design such classic and sophisticated pieces?Everything I create for KTRcollection was due to me wanting to wear something and I couldn’t find what I was looking. Either in a certain print or color, and when I did, it cost an arm and a leg, so I thought, hell I’m going to make this.

What 3 words would you say best describe KT Reed? It’s hard to describe yourself positively without sounding like a complete butthole lol, but someone once described me as eclectic, vivacious and unpredictable. I thought it made me sounded kind of cool (lol) and since then, I just kind of stuck with that.

Past or present, what’s your all-time favorite trend? I’m a fan of retro-inspired designs but I’m also a lover of today’s use of bright colors, patterns and prints, so I would have to say both!




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