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Johanna strongly believes in the power of caffeine in the AM and pinot noir in the PM. That and a bear hug from her littles can solve most of the world’s problems. She believes in loving what you do – life is too short and rarely takes herself too seriously, thanks to her husband. She is forever on a quest to find the best concealer…a journey which began when her first child was born.

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Name: Johanna Grange
Instagram: @101thingsilove
What Made you get into blogging? I was going through a rough patch in my life and I truly needed a creative outlet to organize my thoughts and escape. What turned into a hobby is now my happy place and has become a wonderful tool for me to do what I love most – write and make new friends!
How long have you blogged? 5 years
What are your 5 Must have fashion/Beauty items when going on a trip?
1. Leopard flats
2. black skinny jeans
3. red lipstick
4. a classic LBD
5. a structured blazer of some type.
Where are you from? Chicago
Are you a full time blogger? It feels that way. I own my own social media management company that I launched in the fall. It’s called Oak Street Social. My FT job requires all my attention but I average about 20 hours a week in blogging so it’s a close second. Between the two, I am able to marry my business/sales skills with my social media marketing knowledge. It’s really a win-win for me.
My best advice is to be true to yourself and if you’re going to blog FT – be consistent. Your audience wants to know what to expect from you. It will keep them returning back time and again. It’s ok to post less so long as the quality of your content is fantastic and you incorporate amazing photography into the mix. People want to know who YOU are!
What is your all time favorite blog post? That’s hard after 5 years of blogging, i have written over a thousand posts. I would say the post I wrote about instilling confidence in my daughter, Olivia. While I write about fashion mostly, my daughters have shaped me into the woman I am today. I am forever changed and for the better.
How would you describe your “Fashion Identity” in 3 words? Ever-changing, feminine, colorful.
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