How to Refresh Your Blog

There comes a time when the honeymoon stages with your blog slowly begin to fade. Each day you do your absolute best to generate exciting content for your readers, but sometimes it may feel repetitive. Creating astounding content post after post can start to become a challenge. You always want your readers to feel like they’re learning something new to keep them coming back. If you’re feeling such a way or just hit a writer’s block, there are simple methods that can help you generate new, fresh, and exciting content to your blog.

Find Inspiration


Inspiration is the key to all great content. You can find inspiration from reading other blogs.They just might have interesting reads on topics you were unaware of. Read magazines, books, watch the news, listen to music, or even have conversations with your friends. Set up a dinner or game night with your favorite people and talk about different topics going on in the world. This can help you generate fresh ideas when thinking of new posts to write.

It is also a great idea to take a break from you’re blog for a bit. You’ve worked hard to get where you are! It’s okay to have a few days off. During that time scroll through old content and study your work. Jot down your likes and dislikes of past posts since you’ve started. This will help you find ways to improve your writing technique and find topics you haven’t touched on.

Involve Your Audience


You wouldn’t have a successful blog without your readers! Including your audience in your blog is a great way to build personal relationships. Instead of trying to figure out what your readers want, just ask them! Create a post asking your readers to comment below on topics they want to know about and new tutorials they would like to see. This will make your readers feel good because it shows you are interested in knowing the things they like. You can also ask your family and friends about interesting topics they would read about.

Another great idea is to develop giveaways and fun challenges to keep your audience captivated. You can create a 7-day look book challenge and whoever has the best look book gets a feature on the blog or a special gift card. Many established bloggers also have meet n’ greets with their readers. Even if you’re not a famous blogger you still have a fan base. You can rent out a simple venue and plan a fun event. A get to know you meet n’ greet provides the perfect opportunity to share your blogging experiences. If you’re a beauty blogger you can have a small beauty expo where you share your favorite beauty products and even have a live make-up tutorial. If you’re a food blogger you can have a cooking class meet n’ greet. Fun activities like these is a great way to build relationships with your audience and new content to add to your blog.



Networking with other bloggers is such a great way to gain refreshing new content. You can feature other bloggers on your site, which can also help drive new readers. Develop fun tags, interviews, or have discussions together on topics you guys have in common. Connecting with other bloggers can also inspire you. When collaborating with a similar blogger, you get a chance to see things from their perspective and gain new insight on certain topics.

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