How to Gain More Readers to Your Blog


Blogging day in and day out, but for someone reason you’re still not gaining readers? It takes more than just writing up a blog post hoping somebody or anybody will somehow find your site. When it comes to the blogging world it’s all about knowing your audience and networking. Blogger Susie Romans  of received 4.6 million visitors within 2 years! Want to know how she did it? Check out her “44 Ways to Get Loads of Traffic to Your Blog”.

  1. Guest post on other peoples blogs
  2. Make videos
  3. Post videos on Youtube or Vimeo
  4. Contact a local TV station to do a segment
  5. Have a Facebook party
  6. Comment on other peoples blogs
  7. Google other bloggers in your niche and make some friends!
  8. Use LinkedIn and the group pages
  9. Create a Facebook fan page
  10. Do LinkUp Parties on mommy blogs
  11. Use Pinterest daily
  12. Post on Twitter
  13. Use hashtags on Twitter
  14. Post older content on Facebook for new readers
  15. Use StumbleUpon daily
  16. Enter your articles into article directories
  17. Use Scribd to repost articles in PDF form
  18. Give away a free printable
  19. Did I already say, USE PINTEREST ;)
  20. Comment on a new blog everyday to expand your reach
  21. Edit your article titles to be catchy
  22. Use Rafflecopter for a contest
  23. Learn about SEO and make edits to your site
  24. Make sure your blog in listed on Google and Yahoo
  25. Do webinars and teach something
  26. Write “How To” articles
  27. Make sure each blog post has a picture
  28. Put personality into every single post!
  29. Connect with your local newspaper
  30. Put your blog url on your business cards
  31. Add your blog url to all Youtube videos
  32. Make sure your blog is mobile friendly
  33. Host an online party using Twitter
  34. Make sure to repeat keywords to get on Google
  35. Write posts with checklists
  36. Add your blog to your email signature
  37. Feature other bloggers on your blog
  38. Make a weekly theme like: “Foodie Fridays”
  39. Write posts about positive news
  40. Give out advice that works, like this post!
  41. Contact a local radio station
  42. Curate examples of people doing something very well
  43. Inspire readers through your writing
  44. Send out blog posts via email marketing


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