How to Fashionably Nail a Job Interview

As you countdown the days to your job interview, remember the importance of being prepared. Preparation includes looking over your resume, researching the company’s background, going over sample interview questions, and of course your wardrobe! What you’re going to wear that day is just as important, because it tells a lot about you. Coming to a job interview poorly clothed can show that you’re not taking this opportunity seriously. You should always dress for success! Dressing for a job interview does include looking professional and conservative (depending on the type of company), but you don’t have to look like a plain Jane. With a little hint of fashionable details you can make a fabulous first impression.

Conservative Companies

When it comes to conservative companies you must keep it simple (with a hint of chic of course). You can never go wrong with a classic pants suit or knee length skirt with a nice blazer.

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Tip #1: Stay within the color range of black, grey, navy, white, neutral or even cool tone colors. Bright colors can cause distractions during your interview

Tip #2: Don’t wear bold prints such as animal or abstract prints.

Tip #3: Keep it Classy. Stay away from skirts and dresses that are too short or tight. Make sure you’re not wearing very low cut tops.

Tip #4 Do not, I repeat, do not come in open toe or extremely high heeled shoes.

Creative Companies

Creative companies are more easy going and expressive than conservative companies. You can add a little more of fashionable details to your interview attire. 

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Pants, skirt & dress: | Blazers:

Tip #1 Don’t be afraid to add color to your outfit.

Tip #2 Come with a fashionable briefcase to add style.

Tip #3 Still keep clothes modest without showing too much skin.

Other tips

1. Make sure make-up is to a minimum.

2. Stay a away from bold color or smokey eyeshadow.

3. Use a natural tone lip color.

4. No glittery or bright colored lips.

5. Make sure hair is clean and simple.

6. Don’t wear loud or distracting jewelry.

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