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in my last post i gave you a glimpse of the amazing stylings of Korto Momolu at her New York Fashion Week show. This post will highlight the behind the scenes decision making of dressing for such an occasion. as many of you know Korto is from Liberian descent, so to pay homage to her culture, i really wanted to get a wax print african skirt.  i searched for the longest to find the perfect color, length, and of course price, until i finally found this little beauty from an etsy shop called Im Made Knew with the sweetest shop owner, Krystal Langley. as soon as i saw the skirt i knew i needed it, but time was running short and with this being a custom order, i wasn’t sure if it would be complete on time. i messaged Krystal letting her know my dilemma and she immediately sprung into action to create this little piece of fashion-heaven for me. i received my skirt a few days before i left for new york, and it was absolutely perfect. with the bright colors of the skirt, i wanted to “winterize” the look a bit, so i added a crop top that i had in my closet, and snagged this cute vegan leather jacket from Topshop for only $25… with tax! what a steal! i was thoroughly excited about my outfit, and even had the opportunity to talk to Korto while in it! okay, okay, so it was only 2 words “hello ladies” as my best friend (the chocolate cutie featured in the picture with me above) and i were walking out of the bathroom, but hey, they were two words i’ll remember forever.


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  1. Patrice Grant says:

    You know how I love the designer. Her collection was great.

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