how this chocolate girl became a cheetah girl

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when i was a teenager there was a movie that i was in love with called “the cheetah girls” it starred two of my favorite women powerhouses, raven-symone and  adrienne bailon. i loved these movies because they were all about women’s empowerment and following your dreams. a few months ago kate spade got this amazing cheetah dress in and i instantly fell in love. i thought of all the girls that it would look absolutely amazing on, but never even thought of myself purchasing the dress. for some i had concocted in my head that my skin was a little too chocolate to get away with this print, so i always shied away from it… crazy huh!?! well i am pleased to announce to you that i got that foolish (very foolish) thought out of my head and purchased my very first (in 28 years of living) cheetah print dress and if i do say so myself, i look pretty amazing!

throughout life so many of us create our own preconceived rules on things we can and cannot wear. “im too fat for this,” or “my skin is too dark to pull off that color,” or even “that print doesn’t look good with my shape.” this post it to tell you to get away from these societal based theorems on beauty and style and do what you love. i heard a quote a while ago that says “be yourself, an original is worth more than a copy” and that’s exactly what i’m urging you to do today. be yourself! dress how you want! wear colors, prints, and styles that you adore! stepping out of your comfort zone can often times be one of the best things you can do in exploring the beautiful facets of this world we live in.

tomorrow i am so excited to announce that it is not only my one year blogiversary, but i am also launching beautiful epiphany style- an online fashion styling platform. i am elated to have the opportunity to be able to work with you and help you not only step out of your comfort zone, but to also show you that inner fashion powerhouse that you never knew existed! this is a journey that i have dreamed about for years and i thank you guys so much for your support in it all. so buckle up ladies, this chocolate girl has become a cheetah girl on the hunt to pursue her dreams and make the world fashionable, one amazing woman at a time.


  1. Patrice Grant says:

    Love your story

  2. Well said…from one chocolate girl to another! Looking forward to your online styling platform.

  3. Peggy Lloyd says:

    Looking good, love the story! You can wear any color you want, especially bright colors!

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