clothesrackOne of the biggest myths about fashion stylists is that we are only available for the rich and famous, but Beautiful Epiphany Style was developed with every budget in mind. Whether you’re a new mom that’s looking to spruce up your look, a college grad on the hunt for professional attire, a fashion maven that’s looking to elevate your style, or someone who would prefer to avoid the hassle of shopping altogether, I am here for you. Styling packages can be custom built to satisfy your needs and budget.

Like a financial planner, I can help you optimize what’s already in your closet, and even save money on new purchases. Many of my clients have trouble justifying the expenses, but this is as simple as tweaking your thinking a bit. Instead of looking at your purchases on clothing and accessories as expenditures that will eventually lose value, think of your closet as you would an investment portfolio.  You put money into a variety of pieces that with the help of BE Style, will perform for you. I will make sure you get the maximum ROC (return on your clothing).

Here are some of the things your money will buy:

Fresh ideas: In my line of work I am constantly researching and developing new fashion trends and helping people to find their own personal style. Each package comes with a one on one consultation to help me take your look to the next level.

Better deals: I have professional relationships with many online boutiques and businesses and will in some cases be able to negotiate discounts.

Smarter buys. As a stylist I don’t simply look at the price tag of an item, I calculate what that item will cost you over time through my cost per wear calculator.

Customer Service: I am all about giving each client a one of a kind experience that caters to their individual needs. Beautiful Epiphany Style is convenient, affordable, and offers endless fashion possibilities.

What my Guest Will Receive Upon Completed Styling Session:

  • A wardrobe/outfit that will help you look your best and the ability to purchase when you are able.
  • Visual composites of each outfit
  • Links to each item (with their size available at the time of our session)
  • 1-2 edits on each outfit depending on the service ordered
  • Answers to any follow-up questions concerning the outfit/wardrobe

How to Hire Me As Your Stylist:

I am committed to giving each of my clients exceptional service and one on one attention. Because of this and the high demand of Beautiful Epiphany Style, I will be accepting a limited number of clients each month. Currently, clients can begin emailing me to secure their spot. Only 6 spots will be available each month for 2015. In order to secure your spot, a 50% deposit will be due.

  1. Email me at, tell me about the outfit(s) or wardrobe (fall or spring) your are seeking. You will then be given the first available spot. Due to limited availability, spots will be reserved based on first-emailed, first-reserved with a waiting list in case of cancellations.
  2. Upon receiving your request, you will receive a personal email confirming availability.
  3. Once a date has been confirmed, a deposit of 50% of the total cost is due (an invoice from Paypal will be sent to you). The remainder will be paid when the styling session is complete. (If deposit is not made within a week of securing a spot, your spot will be made available to other clients on the waiting list.)
  4. Create and complete a Client Profile  prior to scheduled styling session start date (email to the above address).

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