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Name: Gabriela Garcia


IG: soulofafashionista

Twitter: @gabrielagr__ 

Youtube: Soulofafashionista



1. What drew you into the fashion blogging world?

The need to do something that might inspire others and at the same time, something that I love and I am passionate about was the best reason I could start the blog for.

2. Did you ever think you would become so passionate about it?

Not really. Thanks to the blog I realized fashion is what I want to do with my life and I pursued a career within the industry. I think is always amazing to discover your passions through something you did without any intentions of becoming too serious.

3. What inspires your looks for the day?

Is hard sometimes. One day I might have this outfit in my head that I want to wear and I go for it. The next day I do not want to get out of my pajamas. The day after I feel I have worn everything and I just cannot figure out what to wear. It goes with your mood, how you are feeling that specific day.


4. What are your top 5 fashion blogging tips?

Do it because you love it.

Do not focus on the numbers.

Always stick to your style and personality.

Never feel less than others.

Do it because you want to inspire someone.

5. What inspired you to add a men’s and petite section to your blog?

I think I always felt the need to not make everything about myself. There is quite a theory that bloggers are a bit narcissist because everything is about them. I wanted to get out of that theory and add more variety. I wanted to show that my point is to inspire people, not to get free clothing or money with what I do.

6. What are your favorite things to do outside of blogging?

As of now, I was able to get a job on my dream company. I am currently training and working to get the best out of that experience. Also, going to the movies, watching TV, relax, among others. I think staying at home is my type of day.


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