Don’t Let the Weather Stop Your Chic

Between the winter storms, non-stop rain, and cold fronts we are all eagerly waiting for summer to magically appear. In weather like this, sometimes the desire to put together your best outfit goes straight out the window. Don’t just settle for sweats and a plain sweater when you check the temperature is going to be 40 degrees in the morning. Remember fashion is made for all seasons and you can still look chic through the rain! As we patiently wait for temps to rise outwear is slowly going out of season, but it’s not to late to pick up some cold weather essentials from your favorite retailers. Check them out below!

PicMonkey Collage

Top left to bottom right

Forever 21 $54.80Forever 21 $39.90, Asos $98.53, Topshop $150, Zara $79.90, Express $198

PicMonkey Collage

H&M $59.95, Missguided $40, H&M $59.95Missguided $32, Asos $62.70, Asos $68.08

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