Client Profile


Client Profile:

The following information is gathered to help create an accurate client profile. Please e-mail the following questions and photos to

  1. 2 full body photos (front & profile)
  2. approximate budget (keeping in mind client will be purchasing items at their leisure)
  3. measurements (bust, height, waist, inseam, hip)
  4. sizes (shoe, top, jeans, skirt, dresses)
  5. describe your lifestyle (hobbies, work responsibilities, leisure time activities, etc)
  6. for what occasion will the outfit(s) be worn
  7. describe the climate you live and/or work
  8. preferences (shoe height, neckline, hemline, earrings, belts, jewelry, etc)
  9. skin tone
  10. style icons you look to for inspiration
  11. any other information you think may be helpful

Send the following to

~Once we begin the styling session:

  1. Allow two days for each outfit
  2. 1 week for 1stdraft of entire (10 outfit) capsule wardrobe

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