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Name: Brooke Webb
Instagram: @kbstyled
Hi!  I am Brooke of the blog KBStyled.  I live outside of Nashville, TN with my loving Hubby, our two beautiful children, and our two energetic fur babies.  I’ve always had a love for all things fashion, I collect jewels, baubles, clutches, accessories, etc and you you will always find me experimenting with new beauty products.  Finding a bargain excites me and I love making an outfit look like a million bucks on a budget!
1.  Blogging provides me with an outlet to share my passion with others and it has also introduced me to so many other like-minded people who share the same passions.  My style often reflects a bargain find (or two) and I really enjoying sharing with others where I find such great bargains and how to look great on a budget.
2.  When I splurge it is typically on great jeans, beautiful dresses, and occasionally a purse!
3.  I celebrated my official blog launch on 11/18/14 and I will be posting 3 times a week!  Being new to blogging, there is so much to figure out and maintaing a consistent editorial posting calendar is one of those things!
4.  I have such high aspirations for my blog…as of today, it is my “passion project”, a hobby if you will, but I do hope I will be able to turn blogging into a full-time career within the next 5 years.  Being able to fuel my passions and provide for my family while doing so would be a dream come true!
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5.  Inspiration for my blog posts typical comes from how I am feeling and what style mood I am in.  I consider my style to be very versatile…not one that you can categorize as a particular type.  I dress according to how an item makes me feel and many times I plan an outfit around one article of clothing or one accessory.  Being original is important to me too so I don’t like to mimic what others are doing!  When I am not feeling inspired, often times I will turn to Pinterest for inspiration!
6.  There are definitely several fashion icons that I admire and that provide style inspiration…two that stand out to me are Olivia Palermo and Carrie Underwood.  Olivia wears every style beautifully and isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and Carrie has a classic feminine style that is so timeless.
7.  The best advice I have for to someone looking to get into the fashion industry is to determine your goals and then insert yourself into situations that allow you to meet others and network with those who are in the industry.  Understanding and owning your individual personal style is important too!
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