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Hi there. I am so excited to announce that on october 1, 2015 (which just so happens to be Beautiful Epiphany’s one year blog-a-versary) I will be launching beautiful epiphany style, an online styling service with every budget in mind. As a stylist and manager for a high end luxury brand, I am given the opportunity to work with women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. Listening to what my clients need and then creating a one of a kind styling experience for them is what Beautiful Epiphany Style is all about. I have attended and covered  New York Fashion Week and Chicago Fashion Week, graced the cover of Back2Basics Magazine with a full spread in their fashion issue, and interviewed designers from around the world. I have a  keen eye for style, years of fashion training and excellent interpersonal skills. Allow me to be your muse and give you the best fashion experience around. Check out the styling packages below, and for more information click here. To pre-register  e-mail this form to


beautiful epiphany styleA la Carte


  • Top, bottom (or dress), shoes, jewelry/accessories/scarf and handbag
  • 1 edit
  • Personalized e-book of outfit details
  • Links of items to buy at your leisure

Investment:  $50/outfit

* The a la carte service is perfect for the woman that is looking for a professional hand in standing out from the crowd at an event/photo-shoot/blog-post/etc.

Virtual Consults via Google Hangout or Skype


  • We will be connected through Google+ Hangout or Skype. These are free web services that allow for video chat by web-camera
  • Using the web-camera, you will show me your closet items and/or try pieces on
  • I will give you professional advice on what to wear & what to donate
  • We can chat about your shopping quandaries and your body type issues
  • You can show me an item, or try it on, and I’ll give you styling advice right then and there

Investment:  $50 per hour

Polaroid Princess


  • Unlimited Curated Outfits
  • 2 edits for each outfit
  • Looks will be shipped to me where I will personally style each look, and take Polaroids of each outfit.
  • Personal Style Profile including:
    • a guide on how to dress for your body type
    • colors that work best for your skin tone
  • The clothing, return forms, labels and Polaroids will be delivered to you in one box!

Investment: Starting at $75 per look (2 look minimum), plus flat rate shipping charge of $5

*The Polaroid Princess is perfect for the woman that is looking for professionally curated, one-on-one styling options. This option is a step by step guide that will teach you not only what to wear, but the styles, colors, and fit of clothes that will work best for your figure.

Capsule Wardrobe 


  • 10 curated outfits
  • 10-15 basic items (tops, bottoms, dresses)
  • Additional accessories (coats, jewelry, handbag, shoes, special occasion dresses, camisoles, scarves)
  • 2 edits for each outfit
  • Personalized e-book including each look
  • Links of items to buy at your leisure

Investment: $400

*A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. This option is perfect for the fashionista that is looking to maximize on her closet by investing in key pieces.

Luxury Traveler


  • Up to 3 special occasion looks
  • My assistant and I will travel for 2 nights and 3 days to one of the following fashion destinations: New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; Paris, France; London, England, Milan, Italy; UAE; Melbourne, Australia.
  • While traveling I will look for unique, couture pieces at local boutiques that match your personal style
  • Looks will be sent to you directly to your phone for approval
  • Upon approval the looks will be purchased
  • Each look will be flown back to the Beautiful Epiphany Style headquarters where your looks will be shipped to you

Investment: Starting at $1200 (not including travel expenses)

*The Luxury Traveler Package is specifically designed for our exclusive client that enjoys wearing one of a kind pieces, but finds it hard to break free from work to travel.  Allow me to travel to one of the fashion destinations listed above to bring you one of a kind looks. *all travel expenses and per diem must be covered by the client.


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