Beautiful Epiphany Goes to College: Featuring Oakwood University

Beautiful Epiphany is always on the hunt to showcase the latest and greatest in style. We ripped the runways of New York to highlight the designs of Fashion Week, and now we are coming to a college near you to feature the very best in street style. Our  mini series, Beautiful Epiphany Goes to College, will be featured on our YouTube Channel. This mini series will document the stylings of college students from around the country.


Our first stop was none other than the student fashion mecca of the world, my alma mater, Oakwood University located in Huntsville, Alabama. This is a place where you find a melting pot of fabulous people that turn the sidewalk into a catwalk and rip their own personal runway every chance they get. Whether Oakwood Students are attending classes or going to lunch, style reigns supreme at all times of the day. Check out the students of Oakwood University in the video below, and when you’re done be sure to sign up for our YouTube channel.  Stay fabulous my friends, we may be coming to a college near you!



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