All it Takes is one Step

ktr collection | full skirt | bow skirtDSCN3072 (2)

KTR Collection | full skirt | plaid

DSCN3092 (2)

DSCN3090 (2)


DSCN3084 (2)

DSCN3078 (2)


DSCN3073 (2)

Shirt: A little boutique in Houston Texas | Skirt: KTR Collection

It has officially been 3 weeks since I launched Beautiful Epiphany and I have loved every minute of it. I have worked the typical 9-5, the erratic hours of retail, and of course the must have on-campus position that most of us drudge through to satisfy our parents; but nothing compares to the joy of working for yourself. A while back I saw a quote that said, “the perfect job doesn’t exist, you have to create it,” and I did just that.

Being a full time blogger has afforded me opportunities that I never would have imaged, and not one day do I take it for granted. It took over a year for my dream to come to come true, but it was worth every single set back. I write all of this not to brag, but to encourage you to take the first step in making your dreams come true as well. Whether it be writing a book, starting a business, or furthering your career, I urge you to take that next step.

I know that each and every beauty that is reading the words on this screen right now has some dream that you have put on the back burner until “the right time” comes along. Whether the “right time” for you equates to  finishing school, saving up  money, or getting to a better place in life, I urge you to allow yourself to step out of your fear, and into your future. Remember, all it takes is one step.


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