a special post for you, yes you!

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Dress: Kate Spade 

this is a special post for you, yes you. the one that is tired of giving your all for someone that doesn’t even give you their half to you. you, the person that has been chasing their dreams, no matter how big or small, and is on their last leg before giving up. you, the mom that looks in the mirror at her new self and wonders how and when the weight came on and the stretch marks stretched as far as they have. you, the person that’s been working your butt off for that promotion  and it seems as if your boss notices everyone but you. you, the person that is ready to end it all and just give up. this post is to tell you that you, yes you, in your current state, are well equipped with everything you need to not only survive, but strive. so im urging you, yes you, to keep pushing. no matter how long the race, keep running. this thing called life can be difficult at times, but when life gives you lemons, surprise the heck out of everyone and make mango juice! you’ve got it girl. im rooting for you!



  1. Patrice Grant says:

    Simply elegant

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