My Beautiful Epiphany



It’s 6:42 on the night before my website launch and I am officially writing my very first post. To say that this moment is a magical undertaking in what will be one of the biggest feats in my life would be an understatement. You see, my beautiful epiphany began about two years ago. My boyfriend of 6 1/2 years proposed to me on a Saturday, that Monday I quit my job, and the following Friday we were on a flight to wed in Vegas. Needless to say it was the happiest day of my life.

When we returned back home from our new life long adventure we moved about 2 1/2 hours away to where my husband worked. I was giddy at the fact of being able to start life as a married woman, and begin my career. The first month after the move was filled with childlike anticipation as I waited anxiously to hear back from the THOUSANDS  of applications that I sent out… okay, okay …maybe it wasn’t thousands, but it sure did feel like it! Anywhoo, after what seemed like a fury of rejection letters telling me that I had too much education but not enough work experience, or that I was overqualified for the positions, I became overwhelmed with the “I can’t find a job blues.” I will never forget one day in particular that I was really feeling down on myself about not being able to contribute to our household financially. It’s as if my husband could read my thoughts just from looking at me. With love and compassion in his eyes he said “babe, it’s time for you to start working in your passion. Take some time to find out what you want to do, and I’ll support whatever decision you make.” I couldn’t believe that he was all for me taking this leap of faith away from the regular 9-5 job, but with my husband’s blessings, I decided to discover what my calling was.


After several days of praying, deep thought, and much prayer, I discovered the calling to create a website that specializes in Fashion, Purpose, Beauty, and Empowerment, and a year and a half later, Beautiful Epiphany is here. Now I won’t lie to you and make it seem as though this process was easy. I literally have been through five web developers in this time frame!

…My first developer dragged out site development for a year and never finished (he told me months in advance that my site would be up and running for a launch party that I would be having with more than 100 people in attendance… let’s just say the launch party came but the website didn’t)…The next one went on a trip overseas after I made my down payment, how convenient…After her I had a lady who promised me the world, but didn’t deliver on anything… The next women developed a magical back injury after she completely messed up the work that had been done to my homepage…And then I met my angel Aimee from Anchored Designs that created this masterpiece for me. I promise to tell you more about her, but she will have her very own post dedicated solely to her work.

This process has included sleepless nights, moody days (sorry hubby), creativity overload, lost passwords, WordPress confusion, and even a grey hair (who gets a grey hair at the age of 27??? this is crazy). This week alone ive experienced server errors, hosting problems, and error codes. Even though it took A LOT to get here, it was completely worth it in the end. This my friends is my Beautiful Epiphany, and I hope this site inspires you to find yours.




Shirt: Forever 21 (similar here), Sequin Skirt: Mindy Mae’s Market

I would love to hear your stories of the development of your blogs, entrepreneurial success, and epiphinal moments, so please share below.





  1. You have a beautiful voice…and I for one can’t wait to hear more!! ♡♡

  2. So exciting and inspiring to hear other women talk about purpose and passion! The website is polished and beautiful just like you and I will definitely stay tuned for all that is in store. Congratulations on the long-awaited site launch!

  3. How exciting! Welcome to the blog world!

  4. latoya troupe says:

    Congrats Demia!!! So happy for you!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing this post about the journey of your blog! I love the foundational inspiration for your blog. My journey was one of finding a creative outlet and just starting. My wordpress blog is my second blog and it has been such a journey of self-discovery along the way. I have felt like giving up, wondering if I could ever cultivate a following and wondering if what I was doing made a difference. But the more I seek God and what my calling is the more I get peace with doing what I’m doing with my writings. I’ve learned the beautiful world of connecting with others, discovery your own voice and learning more about others through blogging.

  6. DEMIA!!! I am so proud of you and the success of your website. You are a true inspiration to me and the people you come in contact with. I wish you nothing but success through your journey. Enjoy it all and keep God first.
    Love ya!!!

    Lee Lee

  7. Welcome to the blogosphere. You have a really nice blog. I’m sure you are going to do well in your new endeavors. I found your blog via a promotional email I received from you. Thanks for the invite. xo

    Natasha B

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